Why I Need a BioSafeDentist?

BioSafeDentistry is a new paradigm of dental practice diagnosis and treatment and of patient education. It was developed to fill the overwhelming need of patients who have not been adequately served by other modes of dental care. We all know there is a “green” movement in the country which demands products and services which consider the health and safety of the patient as well as the consequences to the environment. This movement is increasing in the fields of medicine and dentistry with integrative, alternative and holistic practices growing and assisting patient care.

Today patients are more educated than ever. They demand to know more details about their own medical and dental care. The want to have an active role in deciding which chemicals and materials are used in their care. They want safe and effective biocompatible materials to be used. BioSafeDentistry meets these demands and welcomes these patients and their questions.

Many of these patients seeking BioSafeDentistry have had a toxic reaction to the mercury in their dental fillings – either during placement or removal. Some have had reactions to other metals used in dental treatment – nickel and beryllium for example. All of these patients or their children may have been – or currently are – exposed to toxic overdosing of fluoride. Overdosing of fluoride can negatively impact an individual’s health often in ways that are not easily detected by standard diagnostic methods.

Above all, BioSafeDentistry tries to educate patients about their own bodies and tries to help them take control of their own health decisions. They are encouraged to explore scientific and medical facts and to not succumb to unsubstantiated advertising or marketing claims. Practically and clinically, the system uses only biocompatible materials that do not interfere with the physiologic and biologic functioning of the body as a whole.

Patients are seeking this type of dental practice. Many are willing to travel great distances to be treated by a dentist who understands the risks of some dental materials and techniques and who can help to protect their health during dental care. They are grateful that by using BioSafeDentistry, we take an excessive interest in their overall health and consider the effect their oral health can have on the rest of their body. BioSafeDentistry has proven valuable to patients time and time again. Patients who seek out and go to BioSafeDentistry practices for their care refer friends and family to this exceptional care.