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Why You Should Use Fluoride Free Toothpaste


For generations, the necessity of fluoride was pounded into the minds of patients all over the United States. The additive gained a cult following, which led to the tragic and very preventable deaths of many people, more notably children. As modern dentistry makes new developments, we are learning that, not only is fluoride not a necessity, it is very toxic to the body. So why should you use fluoride free toothpaste?

Many toothpastes that are available on the shelves at your favorite shopping centers contain fluoride. In fact, the most popular and widely used brands have fluoride listed as an ingredient. Most of the population is only partially aware of the risks present with the potential ingestion of the additive. If it is only dangerous in large quantities, it is okay, right? Your dental health, the children in your home and your body are not worth the risks. More and more consumers are purchasing natural, fluoride free toothpastes as a great alternative to popular brands. Here are some reasons why you should use a fluoride free toothpaste.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is highly toxic additive. Many people are unaware that the same agent that is so highly praised as a “cavity blocker” was also once used in pesticides and rodent poison. Fluoride is the byproduct of the manufacturing of copper, iron and aluminum. In the early 1900s, there was a big issue: How should fluoride be properly disposed of?

After a few studies were performed, led by big name metal manufacturers, it was released that fluoride was a dental health miracle solution. The product began popping up everywhere. It was added to community water supplies, toothpastes and dental solutions. Fluoride is still used to this day, despite overwhelming evidence that the big lie has been dispelled — fluoride does not protect your teeth.  Complete referenced reasons for fluoride toxicity can be found in Dr. Robbins’ book The Toxic Dental Office available at


The Dangers of Fluoride

Fluoride actually does more harm to your teeth than good. With fluoride supplements and toothpaste as a child, their teeth are irreversibly damaged leading to increased decay and surface damage, a condition known as fluorosis. And the teeth are a cosmetic nightmare!

Fluoride has been associated with greater risks of developing Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, damage to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Those who use toothpastes that contain fluoride normally do not even realize that they are slowly being poisoned by the product that was supposed to keep them in better health.

Risks to Children

Fluoride is especially harmful for children. Their developing teeth may become damaged by using toothpastes that contain fluoride before they even break the surface of the gums. Children commonly accidentally swallow toothpastes, which can make them very sickly. If ingested in larger quantities, ingesting fluoride can lead to coma or death (review statistics from the American Poison Control Centers for emergency calls about children swallowing toothpaste). Never allow fluoride treatments to be given to your child in a dental office. Feel free to check out our other post titled, “Is it okay to give children fluoride?”

The Benefits of Going Fluoride Free

There are many excellent choices currently on the market for natural, fluoride free toothpastes. These products adequately clean your teeth, brighten and whiten, taste great and do not include a concoction of toxic chemicals. Going fluoride free will eliminate the chances that your toothpaste will cause you to experience any of the negative side effects associated with the consumption of fluoride.

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