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Why You Should Oppose Water Fluoridation


Did you know that most communities across the United States have fluoride injected into the water in which they drink and bathe every day? This material, often touted as important for dental health, is added to our residential water services before the water is piped into our homes.

It is not, however, the savior that some would have you believe, and you should be informed about the dangers of fluoride overexposure. Learn a number of reasons why you should be educated about the issues and stand to oppose water fluoridation in your community.

Oppose Water Fluoridation

Industrial-grade fluoride is added to water in cities and residential areas to prevent tooth decay. The United States fluoridates over 70% of its total water supplies. More people in the U.S. drink fluoridated water than all the other countries in the entire world put together. The vast majority of developed nations do not engage in this practice, and more people every day oppose water fluoridation.

Fluoride Is Not Needed

There is no part of your health and well-being that is dependent upon fluoride. The process of adding it to water is essentially enforcing mass medication on a public who do not need it and are not being given informed consent about the medication. The FDA even considers fluoride to be non-approved as a drug. In other words, forcing you to drink fluoride could be viewed as a violation of your civil rights.

Fluoride Over-Exposure

Fluoride is not intended to be given to people in the kind of mass doses that we receive every day. At the very least, overexposure can cause children to suffer damage to their tooth enamel, which results in discoloring and a mottled appearance. That’s saying a lot for a chemical that’s supposed to protect your teeth!

Adding Hazardous Chemicals

The chemicals used in the fluoridation process are by and large byproducts of the fertilizer industry which have been shown to be hazardous. In fact, international law forbids disposing of these chemicals into the sea, and there have been no safety or effectiveness approvals.

No Benefit

While fluoride overexposure can cause damage to the teeth, drinking it and swallowing it provides little to no benefit to your teeth. It works as a topical element, not as an ingested one. Even still, it’s not a necessary element to protect your teeth, so there’s no reason for it at all.

No Control

Because this chemical is added universally to our drinking water, there’s no way to control who gets exposed to it or how much they ingest, save to monitor how much water they drink. Obviously, it’s highly unlikely you should be drinking less water. Wouldn’t you rather be able to control how much of a given chemical you ingest?

Not only should you oppose fluoridation of your water, you might want to explore alternative dentistry, which allows for environmentally and biologically friendly “green” options to protect your teeth. To learn more about these issues, check out our educational services and get in touch with us for more information today.




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