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Mercury Filling Removal Supplements



  • With BSD ProtectPak A and B, you can protect your health and help reduce any toxic exposures of released mercury Mercury Dental Fillings Removal Supplementswhen your dental fillings are removed
  • They can be used for five days in any dental office when you are having a silver mercury filling removed.
  • Any silver colored filling in your tooth is one-half (50%) toxic mercury! When a filling is drilled out (or put into a tooth), huge amounts of mercury vapor are released – which you inhale.  This gets absorbed into your body and may cause serious physical and mental damage.
  • Mercury exposure has been linked to neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, senility, memory and concentration problems, and tremors. Additional health risks may occur in any system in your body.
  • BSD ProtectPak A and B contain safe, natural supplements. These supplements help boost your body’s natural protection against toxic exposures by helping to capture and eliminate the mercury.
  • You must also take large amounts of our pure Vitamin C to help the ProtectPak supplements to flush out the mercury from your body. The Vitamin C we sell is virtually 100% absorbed and reasonably priced.  Other vitamin C may be cheaper but most have been proven to get only partially absorbed into your body.

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Function of Action

BioSafeDentistry® protocols are for protecting the patient during the removal of a silver mercury amalgam dental filling.  Patients are exposed to Mercury Fillings Removal Supplement ProteckPakstoxic mercury vapor at the highest level during the placement and removal of mercury silver dental fillings.

They are also inhaling mercury vapor while the fillings is in the tooth, continuously sometimes for decades.  This toxic exposure may cause serious health effects.

The BioSafeDentistry Protocols with Potent C Guard and the BSD ProtectPak A and B, may help to keep the released mercury vapor and other toxic materials from being absorbed into your body.

Each Product Contains

One order Contains:

10 x BSD ProtectPak A              6 x BSD ProtectPak B

Suggested Daily Use

The ProtectPaks should be taken as directed and studies suggest these supplements may give protection against absorption of mercury and toxic materials.

The protocol is for a total of five days: starting two days before the removal, the day of the procedure and for two days following the removal.  BSD ProtectPak A is taken morning and evening (with food) for the entire five days (ten pack A’s needed).

BSD Protect Pak B is taken the day before, day of and the day after the removal of the mercury filling, along with Pack A on those days.  Pak B is taken morning and evening (with food) for those three days along with Pak A (six pack B’s needed).

High dose Vitamin C (Potent C Guard – See Vitamins – Vitamin C) MUST be taken at a maximum level that does not produce loose stool.  Several doses of Potent C Guard are divided up during the five days for maximum effectiveness.  Instructions will accompany orders for the Protect Packs and the Vitamin C Guard.

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