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Toxins in Teeth and Beyond

Mercury fillings, metal crowns, and some root canal fillings leach toxins that filter through to the rest of the body.

The effects of mercury vapor on the body are cumulative, and as the body gets older and the immune system naturally weakens, the effects of heavy-metal toxicity are compounded.

One of the most overlooked areas in conventional medicine and dentistry pertains to the toxins in teeth and in the rest of the human body, toxins that are constantly taxing the whole body and contributing to autoimmune diseases.

When you detox the body, you lower the toxic load on the immune system and the body can start functioning better. You can take all the vitamins in the world, and you can exercise until you’re sweating like crazy, but until you remove the poisons it’s going to be very difficult to get well.

Many people might look as if they have perfect teeth, but she warns that this is not indication of what lies beneath the surface.

Mercury-Free Versus Mercury-Safe

A mercury-free dentist is someone who will not use mercury fillings to restore cavities. A mercury-safe dentist, on the other hand, is someone who takes extra safety protocols while removing mercury fillings from patients.

For example, a mercury-safe dentist would make sure that while a mercury filling is being drilled out, there is no vapor that the patient and office staff are breathing in, and the patient doesn’t swallow any mercury pieces that break off during drilling.

How to Remove Mercury Toxins

In the case of mercury, the first step is to remove the mercury from the source and then from the rest of the body through proper nutrition. In additional you can take mercury filling removal supplements


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