BioSafeDentistry Health Products

After years of using and researching various health related products for the consumer, the products now listed in this section are exceptional. We have tried many different brands and alternatives and have evaluated these products for use.

We looked at

1. effectiveness and accuracy of claims by the manufacturers.

2. the degree of quality control the company uses to maintain high standards.

3. practical use and does the product do what it says it does.

4. price – because you can spend huge amounts of money, especially on vitamins and supplements, and may not need to spend that much.

5. the source of the raw product (as much as the information is available) giving preference to USA origination.

6. ingredients to certify that there is no toxic chemical or component present.

Our feedback from patients and consumers over the past fifteen years has been excellent. We continue to offer the best we can, and update to new better products as they become available.

To know what vitamins and supplements are needed during mercury amalgam filling removal , first read the section on “BioSafeDentistry for Everyone”. Then go to the category below: “Mercury Filling Removal” where the Protect Pak A&B are available with other antioxidants. Remember, high daily doses of Vitamin C (Protect C Guard) are required with any of the antioxidants listed in that category. Further information can be found in Dr. Donald Robbins’ bookThe Toxic Dental Office – How to Protect Yourself and Your Family. It can be found in the Health Products Section under books.

Don’t forget the healthy snacks section either! These delicious snacks have been taste tested and found exceptional. Try several varieties. They are very satisfying for your apetite and are non-wheat, with no soy or artificial sweeteners. Most are certified organic also!