How To Become A BioSafeDentist

BioSafeDentistry® is a patient and practice management system with many advantages compared to traditional practices.

1. Patients are seeking safer more natural methods of dental care to protect their overall health. They are willing to travel distances to find a BioSafeDentistry practice. (View sample e-mails)

2. People are more tuned into clean air and water and a “green” movement towards safer, biocompatible and environmentally friendly medical and dental practices.

3. Treatment under BioSafeDentistry methods yields treatment outcomes far superior to conventional dentistry. Patients are healthier and happier with this type of dental care. The actual dental work, techniques and materials recommended, last longer than conventional treatment. For example no amalgam in teeth produces little or no fracturing of solid tooth structure and no leaching of mercury into the mouth.

4. Treatment is performed with little or no exposure to potentially toxic substances. Patients have done their research and know what materials they do not want.

5. Dental practices double after applying the BioSafeDental practice management system principles. A BioSafeDentist™ receives almost half of all new patients via referrals from other satisfied patients in their practices. The other segment is from internet referrals from emails.

6. is a national referral network to BioSafeDentist™ practitioners who respect patient’s concerns about their health. Referrals to your office is not only through your listing on the website, but from other dentists referring a patient who is moving to another area of the country.