BioSafeDentistry For Healthcare Professionals:

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BioSafeDentistry is not just for dentists and their patients. Safe, “Green” dental care affects all aspects of the patients’ health and whom you refer them to is very important. Learn Why.

What can being a BioSafeDentist™ and following BioSafeDentistry “Green” protocols do for your practice and patient care? How can it improve their overall health, make them happier and keep them, as well as you and your staff, safe?

Join the growing movement towards “Green” BioSafeDentistry and make a difference. Become an elite BioSafeDentist™ performing state-of-the-art cosmetic, preventive and restorative dental care and transition to a happier and more successful practice.

Our team can help transition your conventional dental practice into a state-of-the-art cosmetic, preventive and restorative practice. Using our consulting services gives you access to all the scientific, restorative and marketing information (forms, scripts, records, etc) to improve patients’ health and encourage health conscious patients to seek out your care. Learn about our support services.

Joining our support coaching group (in development) place you in the elite list of dental practices who know how to treat patients in a “green”, safe and satisfying manner. The website is for the coaching member dentist to communicate with our support staff and doctor throughout the year with live meetings, teleconferences, newsletters and other practice management assistance dealing with day-to-day practice and problem solving.