Fluoride Poisoning

The Case For Fluoride Free Dentistry?


Simply stated, the use of fluoride in the United States is without merit. Overwhelming scientific and research articles have demonstrated that fluoride does not protect the teeth from decay as we have been led to believe for over 50 years.

Several truths about fluoride are finally emerging as the issues of BioSafe and biological dentistry gains momentum:

1. Fluoride ingested by children as a dietary supplement is contra-indicated.

Fluoride tablets should not be taken by a child or pregnant woman. Fluoride damages the tooth structure itself during tooth development and does not strengthen the enamel against decay. Damage to various organ systems and bones occur if fluoride is taken for an extended time period.

2. Children swallowing toothpaste are at risk of sickness and coma.

Scientific studies of how much toothpaste children swallow and the statistics from the US Poison Control Center show that the risk from toothpaste that contains fluoride is alarming. An average 2 year old swallowing one-half of a children’s size toothpaste container may cause coma or death. Most dentists are aware that many of the children getting topical fluoride treatments in dentists’ offices get extremely sick afterwards, with vomiting and other bad reactions. This is a sign of the toxicity of fluoride.

3. Fluoride protects against tooth decay only immediately after applied to the teeth surfaces.

After fluoride is put on the teeth, either with toothpaste or a fluoride treatment in the dentist office, it stays on the teeth surfaces only superficially. It is effective against decay only immediately after application on the tooth. After eating or drinking or swallowing saliva, residual fluoride is washed away leaving no protection against decay.

4. Fluoride ingestion, either through toothpaste, fluoridated water or fluoride tablets, damages the tooth structure permanently.

Dental fluorosis is the first sign of fluoride toxicity in a child or teenager. Their teeth have white or brown spots or larger areas, usually on the front teeth, that cannot be removed. This damage occurred as the teeth were being formed and the defects make them more susceptible to decay as time goes on. They are of course a cosmetic problem as well, requiring expensive porcelain bonding to repair.


Fluorosis occurred at a specific time.
The line of normal to damaged enamel
 in this case shows where fluoride ingestion started


Moderate fluorosis


Severe fluorosis

5. Long term or chronic ingestion of fluoride leads to damage of many body systems. Fluoride has been used in the past to kill thyroid cells as a medical treatment. Studies now being released indicate fluoride may cause low birth weight, full term babies. Since fluoride competes with iodine in the body, mental development in children may be retarded by as much as 10% IQ points in some epidemiological studies.

Fluoride also binds calcium making many people deficient in calcium reserves and lacking calcium needed for other uses in the body.

6. Chronic exposure to fluoridated water may cause brittle bone disease.

Older studies of cities with fluoridated water compared to cities without fluoridated water showed an increase in fractures of the wrist and hips (a specific bony fracture that the study compared) in communities with fluoridated water. Newer scientific studies show that fluoride actually changes the bony architecture to a more stiff or brittle bone substrate. This brittle bone state is more prone to fractures.

FACT: Fluoride-free toothpaste are now available that fight tooth decay and are safe for children.

In 2005 a new class of toothpastes emerged. These “remineralizing toothpastes” actually add calcium and minerals back into tooth surfaces harmed by acids that cause tooth decay. NovaMin® is a Japanese compound that has been shown effective in reducing decay and root sensitivity.  It has not been successfully incorporated into toothpastes as it is too runny and hard to keep on the tooth long enough to make a difference.  There are some products that do have this remineralizing ability and have minimal negative effects or dangerous ingredients. [SEE BELOW] The active ingredients of these toothpastes are safe for children to swallow without health risks.  However some manufacturers have gone overboard with these toothpastes and have added fluoride into the ingredients. These products should be avoided.

Additionally, just because a toothpaste does not have fluoride does not mean it is safe or effective to use. Other ingredients in the paste may cause other problems with the teeth, gums and your health.  Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS- and all the many “aliases” it goes by) is to be avoided. Artificial food dyes – avoid!  Sacharrin or artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose (Splenda® – a chlorinated hydrocarbon like DDT or tetrachloride poisons), should be passed on.

Even some natural ingredients can be harmful.  Sodium Bicarbonate, used in dental products for its whitening effects, is actually very abrasive and can cause extreme root sensitivity.  It also is basically salt and should be avoided if you have high blood pressure.  Some naturals tree bark or root extracts can also be very abrasive and can wear your tooth surface away rather quickly.

After reviewing literally hundreds of toothpastes there are several we offer. Two of them are shown below and are available in our Healthy Product store in the non-fluoride toothpaste section.

I especially recommend Branam All Natural Tooth Gel for childrens’ use.  It is available in Bubblegum and Grape, and is perfectly safe if swallowed.  It contains xylitol which has an antibacterial effect, good against decay and root bugs.  It may be difficult to find but you can order it on this site.  [Go to fluoride fee toothpastes in the HEALTH PRODUCTS section to order.]   One of the adult toothpastes available is the Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil  which comes in Wintergreen and Mint flavors.  But check out the other fluoride-free toothpastes also available!

                       Desert Essence Mint Vert Box             Desert_Essence_Wintergreen                                               Branam Tooth Gel (4)webBranam Tooth Gel (1)


NOTE: References for these statements are available by request from DrRobbins@donaldrobbinsdmd.com