Toxic Mercury Videos


Smoking Tooth = Toxic Teeth – Mercury Vapor Menace

This is a real tooth showing how the silver filling constantly gives off mercury vapor. Inhaled mercury vapor is a serious form of exposure to the heavy metal. Once inhaled and absorbed it goes to many critical organ systems of the body causing health problems.


Brain Nerve Damage – Linked to Mercury Dental Fillings

Mercury exposure causes the coverings of nerve fibers to dissolve. The nerve is destroyed permanently. This has been seen in Alzheimer’s disease and patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Mercury dental fillings in the mouth for years constantly exposes the person to inhaled mercury vapor.

Water safe DVD Is Your Water Safe? Discover the Facts

This is a one- disc summary of facts about the dangers of water fluoridation, with commentaries from top fluoride experts such as Dr. J. William Hirzy, Dr. David Kennedy, and others. Why adding fluoride to the public water supply in the United States will lead to decades of chronic diseases. Learn about the devastating health effects of the heavily fluoridated waters of China, and how fluoride destroyed one young lady’s smile.

Quecksilber Quecksilber

Quecksilber…This dynamic 58 minute documentary, produced by Dr. Robert Gammal, was made for the lay person but is fully referenced, and appropriate for persons at all levels of knowledge. It shows, visually and informatively, how no amount of mercury is safe in the body.