How Does a BioSafeDentist™ Protect Me When Removing Mercury Fillings?

There are several components to protecting your health when removing a mercury silver dental filling. If these procedures are not ALL done, there is a significant risk of harm to your health!

Protecting Your Health BEFORE the Dental Appointment

The BioSafeDentist™ must evaluate your overall health and ability to withstand the high exposure to mercury vapor you get while the mercury is drilled out of the tooth. If you are moderate to severely debilitated and ill, a consult with a physician knowledgeable in metal toxicology is needed. For severe cases, this type of patient is nutritionally supported before the dental treatment is even begun. Once started, the patient is appointed to the physician’s office immediately after (the same day) the filling is removed. This assures any absorbed or inhaled mercury vapor is chelated and removed from their blood before it can be absorbed into the body tissues.

The following nutritional supplements must be taken for five days: two days before, the day of and for two days after the dental appointment. These are mainly anti-oxidants, energy boosters and chelating supplements. The protocol of which supplement you take and how much you take each day will vary depending upon your physical condition, your mercury toxicity levels and your overall health.

NOTE: For an emergency visit, there is no time for prophylactic (pre-treatment) nutritional supplements. A transdermal glutathione is applied with oral vitamin-C to immediately raise anti-oxidant and chelating supplements in the blood for the procedure.

A partial listing of necessary supplements follows:

NOTE: All these can be found in the health products section of the website

1. Potent C-Guard– L form, Buffered Vitamin-C, prescription grade.
– Dosage: 4,000 to 9,000 mg in divided doses.

2. Glutatione AntiOx

– Strong antioxidant and chelating supplement for mercury.
– Dosage: 150-300mg twice daily.

3. Alpha Lipoic Acid

– Antioxidant the helps mercury removal from the brain.
– Dosage: 150-300mg twice daily.

4. Selenium

– Used by every cell in body. Very strongly binds to mercury. Must not over dose as can be toxic.
– Dosage: 200-400mg twice daily (five day at most for maximum dosage).

5. Methylift (sublingual)

– A sublingual tablet with folic acid, 5mg, for detoxifying and excreting aldehydes in body which slow down metabolism and are toxic.
– Contains B12 (hydroxycobolamin) 2000mcg, to increase energy and cellular metabolism.

– Dosage: One tablet slowly dissolved in mouth, 4-8 times a day.

6.  Coenzyme Q10

– Antioxidant that transport energy and oxygen.
– Dosage: 100-200mg twice a day.

7. BSD Protect Pak A & B– Convenient prepackaged supplements for single appointment use (Five day supply). They are taken in a specific order along with Potent C-Guard for the five days of premedication.

              Protecting Your Health During the Dental Appointment

The whole dental office should have filtered air to remove particulate matter including allergens, dust, bacteria and molds, odors, disinfection chemicals, and other unhealthy materials and chemicals.  There should be no carpeting in the treatment rooms to hide toxic spills such as mercury.

Precautions taken by BioSafeDentistry for the patient’s health:
1. Remove Old Filling or Metal Crown in Large Pieces.
2. Intense High Volume Suction (vapors pulled out of office air).
3. No Rubber Dam Necessary.

Studies show there is no difference in exposure with a rubber dam.

4. Cover Exposed Skin with Wet Drape.

Mercury vapor and mercury in wet/dry debris is absorbed thru the skin

5. Special Nitrile or Synthetic Gloves.
6. Clean Air/Oxygen to Breathe.

Patient breathes oxygen or air under positive pressure.

7. Capture and Filter Aerosol Exhaust from Mouth.

Critical to Protect patient/staff/office exposure.
Use of IQAir Hg FlexVac filters out 99.6% of mercury in filters.

8. Filter All Office Air

Suctioned exhaust air from drilling our mercury must be released outside of office to protect the staff and patient. Exhaust into a utility closet in office is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Protecting Your Health with Safe Dental Materials

It is no longer necessary to use metals in the mouth for most purposes. Metal fillings should never be used because bonded white resins and porcelain restorations are safe and last longer than most metals without damaging the tooth over time.

Do you know that most orthodontic braces and brackets are made with stainless steel which contains nickel? Nickel is a known pre-carcinogen according to the EPA as well as an endocrine disruptor.  It leeches out of braces over time into the body. What does this mean? They are exposing young bodies to endocrine (hormonal) disruptors at a time when childrens’ bodies are screaming with new hormones as they reach puberty. This can cause major problems in growing and behavioral problems.  There are safer materials to use with newer orthodontics!

Use of metals like titanium (for implants) and nickel (in most porcelain and metal crowns) and nickel stainless steel for dentures and orthodontic braces is contraindicated. There is no need to use other toxic metals in the mouth as they are not stable and they ALL migrate into the body over time. There are safer and more durable, better materials available that are more biocompatible.

There are newer porcelain implants to replace missing teeth that most dentists do not even know about! They are safer than titanium with less chance of rejection of the implant; and the gums and bone LOVE them.  Read here about the newer dental implant material we have been using.