BioSafeDentistry for Everyone

There are many parts of BioSafeDentistry for patients. To learn what these different parts are, please select the topic that interests you and CLICK THE LINK:

What is dangerous about silver colored mercury fillings in your teeth? What do you need to know to protect your health while having them removed safely?

Learn how fluoride is toxic and harms the body. Discover that fluoride does not prevent tooth decay or make teeth stronger.

This book was written for the public to learn how the dangerous materials and chemicals began to be used in dental offices. Find out how to find a new BioSafeDentist™ or how to tell if your current dentist is properly protecting your health.

What factors must you know to choose a safe and effective toothpaste?

Learn about the other dangerous metals used in fixing decayed teeth and how they can be voided.

Learn how a BioSafeDentist™ can safely protect you when removing mercury fillings.

Read about actual patients who improved their health by treating with a BioSafeDentist™!

See actual video of how mercury leaks from your fillings and damages your health.