Educational Services


Always trying to promote healthy, safe dentistry, Dr. Robbins talks to public and civic groups, health conferences and other dentists whenever possible. He has been the keynote speaker at public health rallys and local associations for specific health related issues (eg, autism, holistic mothers, fibromyalgia, etc.). Discussing the mission of BioSafeDentistry and revealing the science behind its principles, he advocates changing the way dental practices protect patients’ exposure to potentially toxic materials and chemicals in dental offices.

Dr. Robbins has given presentations to groups of dentists, educating them on the principles of BioSafeDentistry. He has offered dentists the opportunity to join the website directory as a practicing BioSafeDentist and enjoy the benefits of reaching patients with safe, clean dentistry. (Photo at presentation for dentists at Boston University Dental School)


If you have a group of people interested in hearing Dr. Robbins speak, or are organizing a allied health conference, please contact us to arrange for him to present a program. (Photo is a presentation against mercury amalgam silver fillings in the Mayors office, at City Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

In December 2010 Dr. Robbins presented his own research from his dental practice to the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D.C.  They are evaluating stopping the use of mercury silver amalgam dental fillings because they are toxic to the patients.  He strongly opposes the use of mercury in the mouth.


FDA Testimony 121410