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  • BioSafeDentistry Continues To Grow in Popularity - BioSafeDentistry Continues To Grow in Popularity   When was the last time your dentist recommended meditation and eating kale as a way to a healthier mouth? Suggested a daily probiotic? Or had a cranial sacral therapist give you a treatment in the chair? We didn’t think so. But these are exactly the services you might... Read more »
  • Breiner Whole-Body Health Center Officially Openens - Breiner Whole-Body Health Center   FAIRFIELD, Conn. — Breiner Whole-Body Health Center officially opened its doors in Fairfield on Tuesday, bringing cutting-edge therapies and a holistic approach to assessing and treating a range of maladies. Providing everything from dentistry and acupuncture to neurofeedback and the state’s only hyperbaric chamber outside a hospital, the father-son team... Read more »
  • Is Putting Fluoride In Our Water Rational? - The Ontario government may soon require municipalities to fluoridate water — a contentious move that would reverse a direction Windsor took three years ago. This would move decision-making away from local voters, and overturn many recent municipal government decisions to keep fluoride out of the water. What happens if one examines this issue, not with... Read more »
  • No Fluoride added to Buffalo’s water supply - Buffalo’s City Council announced there will be no fluoride added to Buffalo’s municipal water supply for at least the foreseeable future. After months of discussions, public hearings where citizens and public health officials debated the issue and after the city council themselves considered the possibility, they have unanimously decided to leave the system alone, but are... Read more »
  • Pure Fluoride NOT Used in Public Water! - Pure Fluoride NOT Used in Public Water!   “DIRTY” fluoride is what is used in communities that add fluoride to their drinking water. As a responsible government, if you believe the false claims about fluoride being a great anti-cavity drug, you would use USP grade (pure) sodium fluoride for human consumption right? That is not... Read more »
  • Large Numbers of Local Communities Are Stopping Fluoridated Water - Large Numbers of Local Communities Are Stopping Fluoridated Water   Many communities all over the United States and Canada are stopping the unhealthy addition of fluoride to their drinking water. One community, the City of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada became fluoride-free last year for the first time since October 4, 1954 – finally escaping... Read more »
  • Mercury in the air at dental clinics - Mercury in the air at dental clinics   Below you will find Dr. Robbins responded to a post on the PAGD website regarding mercury in the air at dental clinics. You can find the original post below: Toxicologists have confirmed the pathophysiology of mercury toxicity: the residence time of mercury in the blood is... Read more »
  • How to Remove Mercury Toxins - Toxins in Teeth and Beyond Mercury fillings, metal crowns, and some root canal fillings leach toxins that filter through to the rest of the body. The effects of mercury vapor on the body are cumulative, and as the body gets older and the immune system naturally weakens, the effects of heavy-metal toxicity are compounded. One... Read more »
  • Mercury Poisoning From Fillings - Mercury Poisoning from Fillings   For decades, the use of mercury in dental care has been an accepted practice by dentists and patients alike. This is based on the belief that low levels of mercury are not harmful to our health; however, recent scientific research has caused some controversy. Many patients aren’t fully aware of... Read more »
  • What Are The Dangers Of Mercury For Kids - What Are The Dangers Of Mercury For Kids?   Mercury Toxicity Facts for Kids   The dangers of mercury toxicity are well-known for adults, but children are especially sensitive to mercury. Recently, scientific studies have proven that mercury poisoning can be caused by fish, power plants and other environmental factors. However, many of us don’t... Read more »