Symptoms of Mercury Poison You Need To Know!

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What Are Symptoms of Mercury Poison?   The toxicity of mercury has been researched and well-known for decades. Many of us are aware of the dangers that overexposure to mercury can cause, but rarely do we consider our dental work to be a part of the problem. At BioSafeDentistry, we advocate mercury-free dentistry and alternatives… Read more »

Holistic Alternatives to Root Canal

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What Are Some Holistic Alternatives to Root Canal?   Many dentists, unfortunately, leap to root canals and crowns as an immediate fix for any damaged tooth. “If it’s damaged, let’s get it out of there and put a crown or fake one in!” This is not always the best approach, and in fact, while it… Read more »

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

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What Is Holistic Dentistry?   Holistic dentistry is a growing movement that more people are taking advantage of in our increasingly aware and educated society. We are learning that traditional medicine too often foregoes natural treatments that enable the body to heal itself, and natural dentistry is more focused on a whole-body approach to health… Read more »

Why You Should Oppose Water Fluoridation

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Why You Should Oppose Water Fluoridation   Did you know that most communities across the United States have fluoride injected into the water in which they drink and bathe every day? This material, often touted as important for dental health, is added to our residential water services before the water is piped into our homes…. Read more »

What Does BPA-Free Mean?

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What Does BPA-Free Mean?   Back in 2008, news about the potential health risks of the chemical BPA made headlines and became the topic of every concerned parents’ conversation. As this new wave of information and alarm spread across the masses, pediatricians became hounded with more and more questions and the demand for BPA-free products… Read more »

Why Does Tuna Have So Much Mercury?

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Why Does Tuna Have So Much Mercury?   Did you know that mercury poisoning is a real and timely issue in our nation? It’s still present in hundreds of thousands of tooth fillings, and we’re exposed to it on a daily basis in a variety of sources. One of these sources is fish products like… Read more »

Mercury Filling Removal Supplements: How To Protect Yourself From Mercury Exposure When Having Your Mercury Dental Fillings Removed

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Mercury Filling Removal Supplements   DO NOT HAVE YOUR SILVER MERCURY DENTAL FILLINGS REMOVED WITHOUT THIS BIOSAFEDENTISTRY PROTECTION!! With BSD ProtectPak A and B, you can protect your health and help reduce any toxic exposures of released mercury when your dental fillings are removed They can be used for five days in any dental office… Read more »

3D Printing May Kill Harmful Bacteria

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3D Printing May Kill Harmful Bacteria Researchers at The Netherlands have found that incorporating positively charged quaternary ammonium groups (an antimicrobial compound) into photocuring resins can kill bacteria on contact.  This has applications to medical and dental devices.  Resin polymer matrices for various clinical applications using this technique can be used for fabricating dental teeth,… Read more »

Is Fluoride Really Poison?

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Is Fluoride Really Poison? Fluoride is a highly-dangerous substance that must be handled with care. Accidental over-ingestion of fluoride or even small amounts of exposure to some compounds containing fluoride can have serious health consequences. Despite these risks, the American government and dental professionals insist on exposing us to fluoride every day in our drinking… Read more »

Fluoride In Water

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Since the first municipal water fluoridation programs began in 1945, the practice has been embattled with controversy. Concerns over adding fluoride in water supplies caused a rash of protests throughout the US during the 1950s and ’60s. The government was adding fluoride to the water supply without citizens’ consent. The added fluoride didn’t provide a nutritional or… Read more »